Not Bad Idaho Republicans, Not Too Bad At All.

The other day a commenter accused Republicans of doing nothing for Idahoans and then asked a series of rhetorical questions:
'Have Republicans lowered the state income tax? Eliminated sales tax? Created school choice? Created a voucher system? Implemented impact fees for developers? Has the education system gotten better? Have you outlawed abortion?'

The commenter suffers under the common misconception that the present condition can be compared to an ideal, perfect condition, which never has and never will exist. This is a fallacy as the alternative, democrat control, is what you must use as your comparison. As we learned under the Obama administration, "change" does NOT mean "improvement". 

States and cities with long term democrat control aren't places Idahoans want to live so it is no wonder those policies are shunned.

So is the claim true that Republican's have "done nothing" in the areas listed. Let's see. 

Has Idaho lowered the state income tax? Yes. In 2018 we lowered all categories of state income tax. The highest went from 7.4% down to 6.9%

Has Idaho eliminated sales tax? No but it has been held at a nationally low level of 6%, and sales tax on food will be repealed in the near future.

Has Idaho created school choice? Yes. We have greatly expanded options for charter schools and Career Technical schools. 

A voucher system? Vouchers are unconstitutional in Idaho as well as most western states. We have been working on tuition credits and other alternatives to have state funding follow the child. The biggest roadblock to alternatives is the IEA.

Does Idaho have impact fees for developers? Yes, local municipalities decide.

Has Idaho’s education system gotten better? Yes. Substantially. But you’ll never read that in the media. Advanced opportunity credit participation are among the nations highest, and there are many more positives as well.

Has Idaho outlawed abortion? No, but we try every year to get small wins. Being in the 9th District is a reality we have to live with until the US Supreme Court is able to give states that right.

Not bad Idaho Republicans, not too bad at all.

Kootenai GOP