American History - Dec. 2, 2014

Chicago Pile-1 aka the Stagg Field Reactor

Constructed beneath an abandoned stand of bleachers at University of Chicago, the world's first nuclear reactor demonstrated that a safe, controlled, self-sustaining nuclear chain reaction was possible. Steve Koppes of the University of Chicago notes, "The Atomic Age began at 3:25 p.m. on Dec. 2, 1942--quietly, in secrecy, on a squash court under the west stands of old Stagg Field...."

This successful demonstration of the possibilities of nuclear energy lasted 28 minutes and was a milestone in the history of the United States, physics and all of human history.

The Story of Thanksgiving

Original Thanksgiving Turkey Drawing image from

Today as you prepare to gorge yourself with delicious turkey, potatoes, stuffing and the other trappings of Thanksgiving, liberal guilt-mongers who can't seem to find happiness in anything are spewing snarky comments about the holiday. Whether you're sitting down to a feast or to a Michelle Obama-endorsed school lunch of an apple, a sad slice of tofurky and mystery mush, it's possible you'll hear from some joyless people who dislike this American tradition.

Republicans Clean Up at the Polls

Red broom

With more than 80% of Idaho's precincts counted, Republicans have swept elections statewide with all of Idaho's statewide and federal offices being claimed by your Republican candidates. Locally, Republican candidates are also winning their elections with more than 50% of Kootenai County's precincts counted (as of 12:30a, Wednesday November 5). Republican legislative candidates are also winning locally, and in legislative elections across the state, Republicans are currently winning in 79% of the races.