Website Upgrade: Complete

Screenshot of the previous Kootenai GOP Website

The KCRCC Website Committee has worked hard with the executive officers and community feedback to revamp into a modern, dynamic website which will help us keep you up to date on the local Republican Party and will help you keep in touch with us through the website and social media.

This website design is compliant with the latest standards of HTML rendering, which means it will behave identically in any modern browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari or the latest versions of Internet Explorer. This design also has a responsive layout which will dynamically adjust to optimize the experience for people no matter what their screen size, from a desktop computer to a smartphone. The new website is faster and has new features available to make the user experience more intuitive and informative.

Website Upgrade

Responding to popular demand and keeping the Kootenai GOP's website on top of the most recent web standards, we will be updating over the next couple of weeks to a new, more responsive design. On the back end, this will make it easier for us to make content available to you and integrate the website more closely with social media. 

For users, this will provide a number of benefits.