Republicans Clean Up at the Polls

Red broom

With more than 80% of Idaho's precincts counted, Republicans have swept elections statewide with all of Idaho's statewide and federal offices being claimed by your Republican candidates. Locally, Republican candidates are also winning their elections with more than 50% of Kootenai County's precincts counted (as of 12:30a, Wednesday November 5). Republican legislative candidates are also winning locally, and in legislative elections across the state, Republicans are currently winning in 79% of the races.

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Dear Friends,

My office has fielded many calls this week from constituents deeply concerned about the failure to contain the single Ebola case that reached Dallas when Thomas Duncan traveled by air from West Africa. The infection of two nurses who helped treat Duncan before his death is tragic. But their cases also raise the alarm about our readiness to prevent a large outbreak in the United States.